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Video Extensometer

  • The Purpose of Video Extensometer is to optically measure the elongation on application of longitudinal tensile force on the test specimen.
  • Markers, especially dots, lines or pre designed templates are used to track elongation in real time.
  • The markers used should be in contrast with the color of the test specimen.
  • Advantages over contact type Extensometer

    • More accurate results as there is no mechanical influence on the specimen during the test due to the non-contacting camera system.
    • Knife edge Slippage errors are omitted.
    • Knife edge damage errors are omitted.
    • Auto Gauge Length Detection - Consistent results as the human error is eliminated while marking the Gauge length.
    • No moving parts - hence, extremely low maintenance costs.
    • No possibility of damage due to rupture shocks and jerks - hence, no wear and tear of the Video Extensometer
    • Gives you Elongation results upto the sample rupture.
    • Extremely easy to use for untrained operators.